Being a part of Miss Manitoba pageant and being selected for Nationals has made me realize something: you can come from any background, any walk of life and if you set your mind to it, you can go places you thought you would never go. You can accomplish things you never thought you could do. You can achieve things you never thought possible.

I have gone to work every day, as many of us do, going through the motions. We work, we pay bills, we grocery shop, we do life. Every day at work I turn wrenches and fix cars. Then one day I found myself at the Miss Manitoba pageant going home with the title of Miss Winnipeg World 2017. Miss World Canada is coming up next week, and I’m headed there to do someting I’ve never done before. It’s attitude, determination, and perserverance that determine your success. It’s you that determines your success! Follow your dreams!

With Love,

Sheri-Lynn, Miss Winnipeg World 2017

Written by: Sheri-Lynn

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