Good morning everyone!

It is Miss World Canada 2017 in Toronto! Day one was meeting everyone, and there are so many amazing, kind-hearted girls here! Even better, my roommate, Maleeka, is such a sweetheart and we get along so well! We met our sponsors from Golden Glamour Goddesses, Helene Clarkson Design, Skechers, Archer Dental, Nine West, the Kraco, Snappy Towels, and Babe Box Official.

This week have done so much including a cruise with Mariposa Cruises, trips to Ripley’s Aquarium, Nando’s, Global News, Pizza e Pazzi, and City News. We have been touring all around Toronto and everywhere we go, people and children all around are asking us to take pictures with them! The children especially love the crowns! All in all, this has been an amazing experience for me! I have already learned so much from the girls around me, I couldn’t say anything but good things about them!

Last night was the priliminairies at the Great Hall. We went through all the girls in the lovely swimsuits we were given, as well as all the stunning evening gowns that the girls were wearing for the evening gown portion. The most fascinating and interesting part was the five girls that presented their Beauty With a Purpose project, which you can see the girl’s hearts come out as they pour out their passions. Not only that, but I have to say the five that were selected to perform their talents, they owned that stage! Incredible performances, all of them. All the girls here deserve to be here, without a doubt.

I am so excited to see what the day brings tomorrow on the final night! Good luck to all the other girls!

With love,

Sheri-Lynn, Miss Winnipeg

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