Wow! What a busy but fun day, we were up around 5am and off to Breakfast television which was so much fun to be on live TV and so fun to watch Alice salsa dance with the host.

After we went to Ripley’s Aquarium and saw all kinds of sea life. Fish, sharks, vegetation, and more. My favourite part was getting to pet the rays as well as the little shrimp eating our hands.


After we were off on a Mariposa boat cruise and had an unreal time dancing, enjoying the view of Toronto, eating great food, lounging on Velapos furniture, and having a great time.


We visiited Yorkdale mall after where we received a $10 gift card to spend which help me get a some earrings and a quick snack and coffee at Illy. We visited Nine West where they spoiled us with gift cards discounts and a party. I bought two new pair of heels, better watch out for me i evening gown if you’d like to see them.


Lastly we enjoyed a delicious 4 course dinner at Pizza E Pazzi, the perfect end to a busy day.


Now for some rest! Early day tomorrow so excited for prelims! Be sure to vote for me on the finalist page of the website !

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Still in awe of how talented our photographers are. Really had me feeling like a beauty queen especially in swimwear. I can not wait to see the finished results but here is a little sneak peak of how my shoot went. 

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View from a grain elevator I climbed


Dauphin Farm Scenery

Canola Fields

Dauphin Manitoba is home to some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see! The beautiful yellow canola fields are as far as you can look. Located North East of Winnipeg the city where I am from you can get there in just under 4 hours by car. The drive is half the fun of visiting dauphin, there are many different routes to take depending on what kind of scenery you like, but more on that later. Dauphin is home to many events including Country Fest and Ukrainian Fest. Country Fest hosts thousands of country music fans of all ages to watch some of country’s biggest music stars. Hands down this is the best weekend of the summer, and any country music fan must experience this festival. Between the camping, great music, hot sun, great food, and endless fun so I would definitely recommend getting tickets and visiting this fabulous event. Every year features new and different acts from local music to headliners that everyone loves. I’ve had the pleasure of singing along with Luke Bryan underneath the stars and not a lot of memories top that. Word of warning though, do NOT forget your sunscreen, it gets hot in Manitoba believe it or not, it isn’t always winter here. Checkout for more information about show tickets and 2018s line up, I hope to see you there! To get to Dauphin from Winnipeg there are many routes to take.  Drive down Manitoba’s highways through Riding Mountain National park while on your way there it is a can’t miss! With it being Canada’s 150th birthday this year the park passes are free so definitely take a drive through, perhaps you’ll spot a black bear or a moose! Stop at T. R. McCoys for a delicious meal, their steak is amazing and they are in the main level of the largest wood cabin movie theatre in the world! Or maybe just take a quick ice cream break at one of the many local spots. McTavishes was always my favourite ice cream shop there, one time I even had a giant 3 scoop 3 flavour cone. Tiger-Tiger is my favourite flavour incase you were wondering. I’m glad there was lots of walking to do in and around Dauphin after all of that food I always ted to stop and grab. Manitoba is home to some of the most fabulous little restaurants, Always love asking locals their favourite spots and trying new dishes The scenery is so great in the prairies the farm fields are gorgeous I truly can not describe their beauty, we have more lakes than you could imagine. Remember for being in the middle of the country we still touch the ocean. Manitoba is such a lovely place, especially Dauphin, I could go on and on but you will just have to go and visit for yourself!

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Just finished fitness testing at may fair fitness clubs. My muscles are sore! Big thanks to the staff who helped us brought the excercises and pushed us to our limits 💪🏼 We did pull ups, push ups, and a sled drive, as well some girls did underwater selfies while in the pool, I was so jealous I couldn’t go in it looked like so much fun. It felt great to get compliments on my legs from Mattea, such a sweet girl we had a great time hanging out at Mayfair. Definitely going to feel sore tomorrow! Make sure to check them out on Twitter @mymayfairclubs .  

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The Sponsor party was fabulous! Such an amazing opportunity to meet friends from coast to coast and get to meet all of our amazing sponsors for the Miss Canada World pageant! Everyone looked fabulous in cocktail attire and we were all presented with our provincial sashes and buttons, MWC shirts, hats, and a variety of other amazing products! Keep reading to learn all about our amazing sponsors and their products.


Maxine Warsh was there with here amazing face wash cloth, she educated myself and the delegates on the water in their skin and how to best clean cosmetics off. This is so great after wearing a full face of pageant makeup all day! Just use the warsh cloth to remove your makeup and then just clean with soap and water, plus I LOVED that the packaging was pink!

Maxine Warsh

Pina and Lucy from The Kraco set up a lovely display of beauty products and a candy bar! The products they have are just as sweet as the two ladies who provided them. I am obsessed with my nude lip tint, and have definitely have enjoyed my chocolate.

kraco logo body wash and beauty bar

Shoes from Nine West were provided for each delegate, We got a chance to see them and I can not wait to receive these heels and strut across the stage in them!

Nine West shoes for evening gown


Skechers was there too and they had a lot of fun different shoes to try on, even kicks that lit up! Myself and Natalie (Miss BC World) LOVED them!

Snappy Towels microfiber beach towels gave away blue and pink beach balls emblazoned with their logo.


Snappy Towels invited each of the delegates to blow up a beach ball and one of the girls won a towel! They have an underwater selfie challenge that I SO wish I could participate in, unfortunately I can’t go in swimming pools but I am definitely getting myself one of these fun towels they are so fun, soft, and dry you off super quick.

Raven social media photo booth was there and myself and Courtney from Manitoba rushed right over and were the first in line to try out her photo booth! So fun, we could barely wait until after the party to see our GIFs!

Raven social media photo booth logo

I had the best time hooping with SpinStarlets, I even tried two hoops at once.

Isabella Hoops Entertainment had the neatest hoop performer in the coolest sequin dress, she showed us her tricks and taught us some too.

Isabella Hoops Entertainment

Look at me go! I was having so much fun and what a great core workout. She told me you burn 550 calories an hour hooping.

Isabella Hoops at Miss World Canada Sponsor Party
Hashtagio social media aggregator had posted all of the previously posted and tagged #MissWorldCanada photos it was fun to see myself up on the projected screen.Hashtagio social media aggregator

Hashtagio feed for Miss World Canada


Archer Dental sent us toothbrushes and toothpaste to keep our smiles shining bright & white throughout pageant week.

Archer Dental



Lily gave us a lovely speech and I really enjoyed listening to her speak and appreciated the lovely MWC tank tops that she gave us. Make sure you check out andTastic Marketing as well!

Tastic Marketing in Mississauga


We ended the night off with pasta, salad, and best of all, CAKE!

Congratulations delegates


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Here is my MWC 2017 bio give it a read to learn a little bit more about me!

Alexa is a bold young woman with a passion for accomplishing any goal she sets for herself. Both a National and multi- provincial champion cheerleader you can always find her in the gym training or assisting younger athletes through her passion for coaching. When she’s not in the gym you can find her all across the prairies through her work as an environmental safety and health advisor using her education from both Cape Breton University and the Univeristy of Manitoba. She hopes that she can spread the message about cancer prevention through education about getting checked regularly as it has touched her life personally. Alexa hopes to become Miss Canada  World and be able to travel back to the many provinces in which she has lived and loved and spread her beauty with a purpose.

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Just wanted to share my beauty with a purpose and a great resource of information about checking for cervical cancer.  It is something I am very passionate about. You only get one body and one life to live so taking care of your body and ensuring you stay healthy are very important!


Alexa Gray

Miss Southern Manitoba World

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Wow! What an honour is is to be representing Southern Manitoba. I love my province and have been blessed to have lived here for many years on the gorgeous prairies. Amongst pageant prep I could’t be more excited to meet all the other beautiful girls from across Canada!


Alexa Gray

Miss Southern Manitoba

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