On May 26th and May 27, 2017, I ended two events that were pet focused. These were the Pawshpalooza 2017 hosted by D’arcy’s A.R.C.¬†and the Sneakers & Paws Run/Walk hosted by the Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert.

Pawshpalooza is a pet and human fashion show, where both the humans and dogs get dressed up.

I met some local celebrities, such as Genavieve, Miss Teenage Manitoba, Jon Reyes, the MLA for St Norbert, and Mike, the Winnipeg firefighter who was on the Bachelorette.

Myself, Genavieve (Miss Teenage Manitoba) and her dog, Goldie.

This is Rosie, an adorable black lab mix puppy I met. All of the excitement wore her out!

This is Jon Reyes, the MLA for St Norbert, and his Alaskan Malamute, Seger.

The next morning, my husky, Ice, joined me at the St. Norbert Community Center where we took part in the Sneakers & Paws 5 km run/walk, hosted by Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert. Along the run, we were asked to take pictures and of course we did!

Some of the runners I met along the course.

Ice and me at the halfway mark of the 5 km run.

And we finished the 5 km run!






Winnipeg Tails took this great photo of Ice and I.

After the run, there were snacks for both the human and dog runners, as well as an awareness event. It was at this event that one of my favourite pictures of Ice and I were taken, with photo credits to Winnipeg Tails. For each photo this organization takes, they donate $1 to an animal charity.

Thank you both groups for having me out, and to you for reading this article!


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