One of the reasons I advocate for pageantry is because of the benefits I have seen firsthand. I have been involved with pageantry for 5 years, from competing to coaching to chaperoning, and I have seen a difference in the young ladies that compete. From the often shy and insecure ladies when they first enter the hotel, to the confident ladies they have become when they crown the next title holder. 

The pageantry that I have been a part of isn’t like the drama filled shows that are on TV. It involves women supporting women, and my experiences in pageantry have been just that – supporting your fellow sisters, encouraging them and having that support behind you.

Sometimes you find a person or company that agrees with your thoughts and beliefs, and I am so happy to say that I have found both with a provincial sponsor, Swimwear ExpressThey believe in women supporting women, and being confident in your body, regardless of your shape or size. Everywhere we look – ads, magazines, and social media – we see articles and pictures that make us want to change who we are and what we look like. There is such a lack of body confident role models in our society, but I hope that I can use my voice across a larger platform to encourage it in others.

Check them out at the links below, and if you are ever in the need for a new swimsuit go visit them. They truly are changing the way women shop for swimwear, one woman at a time.



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