On April 29th, 2017, an event I had been waiting not very patiently for, had finally arrived – the Miss Manitoba World pageant! Leading up to the pageant was a hectic month. I had final exams, a big project due and then I met with my provincial sponsors:

This is my stunning swimsuit from Swimwear Express. I felt so comfortable in it, and I loved how I could tie the top 11 different ways.

Here are the before and after photos of my eyelash extensions from Lavilash Beauty Lounge. I got a full volume set, and loved how they looked.











Look at how long my nails are – and the French gel just makes them pop. I went to see Chelsea from The Beauty Theory.

Not only was this my outfit for the first day of the pageant, but it also showed off my spray tan from Tan on the Run.










Saturday morning with the delegates. From left to right: Sheri-Lynn, Diana, myself, Genavieve, Alexa, Destiny, Ravae, and Karlene.

The pageant started Saturday morning. I met the girls in both the ‘Teen’ and the ‘Miss’ age groups. The teens were competing to advance to Miss Teenage Canada, and they were between 13-18 years old. The misses were competing to advance to Miss Canada World, and we were between 17-26 years old. We learned about the industry from Michelle Weswaldi, the national director and met our choreographer for the weekend, Jane Gagne, the current Mrs Canada Earth. We practiced walking, learned the patterns and practiced interview skills. Two previous winners, Miss Teenage Manitoba 2016, Denisse, and Miss Teenage Interlake 2016, Brittney, came to help out and talk about their experience at nationals. Saturday night came quickly after such a busy day, and it was time for swimwear judging and our personal interviews with the judges. I love the interview portion of the pageant, as it’s where you can really connect with the judges and speak about your passions.

Sunday before the show with the ‘Miss Manitoba World’ delegates, in our opening number dresses. From left to right: Sheri-Lynn, myself, Alexa and Ravae.

Sunday morning came quick, and we learned our opening number in the morning, practiced the platforms that we would say on stage, and then it was time for hair and makeup. There was time for one more run through and then the audience started arriving. The show started with opening number and our introductions. Then it was time for a quick change into our evening gowns for the judging part, followed by an intermission to tally the scores. After intermission we went back onstage to talk about what cause we would support throughout our reign. For the ‘teens’, this is called a Platform and for the ‘misses’, this is our Beauty with a Purpose. Mine is Breaking Stereotypes, and I couldn’t be prouder to be an advocate. Then came the swimwear presentation and I was so happy to put my Swimwear Express swimsuit back on. Finally, we put our evening gowns back on and it was time for crowning! Here are the ladies moving on to nationals. Follow their Facebook and blogs to learn more about them.

The ‘Miss Teenage Manitoba’ and ‘Miss Manitoba World’ delegates in our evening gowns. From left to right: Karlene, Sheri-Lynn, Destiny, Diana, Alexa, Genavieve, Ravae and myself.

Genavieve, Miss Teenage Manitoba 2017
Diana, Miss Teenage Winnipeg 2017
Destiny, Miss Teenage Eastman 2017
Karlene, Miss Teenage Northern Manitoba 2017
Myself, Miss Manitoba World 2017
Sheri-Lynn, Miss Winnipeg World 2017
Alexa, TBA

Thank you once again to my provincial sponsors, please go check them out!

Thank you for reading!




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