Hello there beautiful people… sending your way so much love and light.

Hope you guys are staying safe, and trying to be active at the same time. I know it is not easy, but we believe all will be well very soon.

I want to start by thanking all the health care workers for their time, dedication and their sacrifice. They chose to save lives and be away from their families. We can not thank you enough.

I want to thank everyone who is staying at home for their own good and the good of their community, and also thank you to everyone who is helping physically, mentally and financially people in need. This are hard times, we need to stick together as one big family.

Like many other people, I am laid off. Staying home, sleeping in, snacking every second, believing you got some hidden talents and trying to work on them, but after the second day, you give up and choose Netflix over everything else…ha ha ha.   I know, I know… I am talking for many people…

But, staying at home actually help you discover yourself more. If you don’t let laziness take over, you can actually achieve so many amazing thing, learn new skills and support other people at the same time. Families spending time together, hidden talents brought to light, learning to meditate, cooking skills on another level, at home workout, and so many other amazing things that people are actually doing.

As for me, I tried to work on my guitar skills, and singing skills… you don’t wanna know how much the neighbors like it, ha ha ha, after quarantine, I am sure, they will personally ask me out of the apartment and never to come back again, ha ha ha. But that is not all. I also try to do some home workout, which is not easy at first but you get use to it, trying new cooking styles, and trying to stay in touch with family and friends.

Even if I try my best to take care of my mental and physical health as much as possible, I also try to help out in the community. This quarantine has, and still is affecting so many people in so many different ways. The amount of people living in hunger is increasing everyday. Some small businesses have closed, and many people wondering when all this gonna end, and when is life gonna get back to normal.

I just started volunteering at Agape Table of Winnipeg. These are amazing people who help provide food for those who can not afford it. From donations and their big hearts, they do their best to feed as many people as possible, and also do deliveries for those in need but who are not able to pick up food for themselves.

In the pictures bellow, we were getting break fast and lunch ready. Next time I will show you more about the amazing job this wonderful people do.

I told you every time I will post something, I will tell you one thing I love about Canada. I love Canadians, they are so generous, always ready to help in anyway. Oh Canada…what a beautiful country to call home.

We are facing some very difficult times, we need to take care of one another. Make the phone call, send a text, check on your friends, family members, send some love around the world,… You can make a difference in someone’ s life, we need one another.


That’ s all for today, I will keep you posted on the journey ahead.

Be blessed and stay safe!!

Much love

Written by: Marcelline
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