Greetings beautiful people and big welcome hug from the heart (social distancing),ha… Allow me to introduce myself. Get some water, snacks, blanket…get ready koz I’m gonna take you to a journey deep into my heart.

My name is Marcelline and I’ m 27.  I live in the beautiful city of Winnipeg in Manitoba.

Me, representing my area in the 2020 Miss world Canada pageant???? I’ve never thought of that as a possibility in my life. I’ve never been in a pageant before. To be honest with you, I am nervous but at the same time full of excitement. But one thing is for sure, I WILL GIVE IT ALL. I have good reasons for wanting to be in this pageant.

First, let me tell you a little bit about myself…

I am a beautiful chocolate queen, born and raised in D.R.Congo, in the heart of Africa. I was blessed with 4 brothers, 2 sisters and amazing parents. I love dancing, singing, traveling, swimming, spending time with friends and family, making the best out of every moment, and most importantly the happiness that comes with helping others.

D.R.Congo is a big and beautiful country, but unfortunately, life in Congo has always been insecure. So eventually in 2011, my family and I had to take refuge in the country called Uganda, leaving behind everything,… literally.

Coffee break… take your time…ha

Uganda is another beautiful country, with a different culture; a different life style. I like to call it Jamaica from Africa… Even though the 5 years spent in Uganda were the hardest of my life (will get back to it later), I loved being in Uganda. The people, the food, the entertainment…just MAGICAL. You need to go to see for yourself.

Fortunately, I was able to visit few other countries before we had to go to Uganda. We use to go to Rwanda and Burundi. Rwanda was the closest country to were I grew up, so it was easier for us to visit and eventually learned the language and the culture.

Add to your bucket list: visit Rwanda. You will not, I repeat you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED…

By the way, I speak 7 languages… 4 fluently!!!

Now it sounds like an Ad, sorry about that. The more I type, the more exited I get… Back to me…

My family and myself, were brought to Canada after 5 years in Uganda. I can tell you, it was one of the best things that ever happened to us. New life, new opportunities, new hopes and dreams….NEW EVERYTHING… OH Canada!!!

Bucket list: visit Canada if you’ve never been there. You will fall deeply in love…

Wait,… did I mention that I met some amazing friends in Canada?? I’m sure, in any situation, we got each others back…OH CANADA!!!

I will use this blog to share my journey, but also every time I do, I will show a piece of what I like about Canada… I know you’ re telling yourself: ” Really eh…”, yes it’s for real…

So far I was able to visit most provinces of Canada, learned so many new things, including the word “eh”…, and still learning more everyday.

My beauty with a purpose project

The reason why I wanna be Miss World Canada, is to be an advocate for people living with hunger. NO MOUTH SHOULD GO UNFED. Allow me to explain why I chose this project. Let’s go back to the 5 years in Uganda…

As I mentioned before, my family and I were forced to take refuge in Uganda, leaving everything behind. We had nothing! So, every meal we had was a miracle. Trust me, living with food insecurity is terrible. Not knowing if you will eat tomorrow is something no one should experience. It affects you physically, mentally and spiritually. Unfortunately it’ s not only in Africa, it is all over the world. Many people sleeping on an empty stomach for days, others who have the difficult decision to make between feeding their families and paying their bills, which lead to many people living in the streets, and so many unfortunate things people have to go trough to be able to eat like child labor and other…  It’ s a sad and terrible experience.

I wanna use my voice, my knowledge, my strength, my power and my heart to raise awareness, to engage and educate about the issues of hunger in Canada, but also in the world.With the pandemic we are facing today, much more people are in need of help and support.

My mother is my inspiration, she taught  me what real beauty is; My father is my inspiration, he taught me what taking responsibility means; my family is my inspiration, they taught me what real care and real love is. To be honest with you, if it wasn’t for my family (few of them bellow), I would have gave up. Unfortunately not many people have a family, or friends, or support.

Miss World Canada 2020 pageant

Like I said before I’ve never been in a pageant. To be honest, I always thought it was all about beauty and fashion. But after looking deep into it, I realized it is not just about beauty and elegance, it is about beauty with a purpose, a purpose to help, to give a hand to those in need, to support them and to represent them. Which is why I chose to be part of the 2020 Miss World Canada beauty pageant.

Almost there…don’t give up yet…

I just wanted to welcome you and tell you a bit about myself and my purpose. As we journey together, feel free to drop some love, comment, suggestions, advice…

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Thank you for your time and support!

Sending love, prayers, hugs and kisses.

Be safe everyone!!!

Written by: Marcelline

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