Hi everyone! These past couple weeks have been busy ones with prepping for the pageant, but they’ve been the best kind of busy!

One of the many things that I did this past week was attending an event on Winnipeg’s most favourite time of year: the free slurpee event at 7-eleven. I know this may not sound like the biggest and most impactful event one can attend in Winnipeg, but as a city, this is something that defines us. We are affectionately known as the slurpee capital and I am more than happy to affiliate myself with my fellow Winnipeggers in our obsessive love of slurpees. From face-painting and mascots to free food, music, and limbo competitions, everyone was sure to come out to the celebrate the day of the slurpee.

But all humour and jokes aside, I believe it’s just as important to support your community in small ways as it is to support it in big ways. Being a titleholder and making the choice to attend and help out at a smaller, local event, I believe, sends a different kind of message to the people involved. It shows that you care about the community as a whole, and not just the certain, big or flashy events. It shows that, even though you wear a crown and sash, you are not above anyone in social status or class. You can sense a feeling of family at such events, even though most people hardly know each other. There is something humbling about volunteering at ‘smaller’ events, and I would like to encourage anyone reading this to make the effort to volunteer your time in opportunities like this. It builds your character and shows your community you are there for THEM and are willing to represent THEM. It makes people feel special, and knowing you’ve played a part in making that happen leaves you feeling far more satisfied than you might imagine.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short but sweet blog post! I hope to update you all again real soon! Until next time! xoxo

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