Day 3❤️

Today was another busy day started with dance rehearsals for final night, with holly-wood
I have two left feel so it’s practice, practice, practice!

Then it was right on the bus afterwards for lunch. We went to roxy’s on king! Delicious food and apps were great also.
We were able to play some pool, eat and of course take lots of photos!

After lunch we headed on over to DiVRag. I don’t usually play games but this place is no ordinary arcade!
It was a virtual reality game, it was a lot of fun and I got really into it.

When we were don’t it was dinner time and we went to Pizza a Pazzi. My goodness the food was delicious. I personally had the seafood Risotto and I was stuffed.

Afterward we came back to Edward Village Hotel and was told about an amazing opportunity that Hub climbing, fitness and yoga centre was letting the delegates to nominate a local charity to get a party at the centre
I nominated Kayla Fox Centre. Must follow me on Instagram @ambre_missbrandon18 to find out why.