Day 2 of Miss World Canada 2018 👑

Hello all!
Today was a long and busy day. Started at 8am right into makeup then photoshoot for official Miss World Canada photo that’ll be on our program.

Then it was off to film our top 20 introduction video. So that the top 20 delegates can introduce themselves to the judges and the world!

Then it was lunch. Cleanmeals is an amazing service that delivers a healthy, well balanced meal to your home, office and in our cast hotel.

You can find the menu and nutritional facts at

Then we had interviews. Then we finally got our fittings for Rachel Sin fashion and got our heals from Vangelo.

We got a second meal from Cleanmeals for dinner then we had a small break to relax (some of us slept)

Finally we ended with rehearsals with Shawn cuffie and received our opening number dress and dancing swimwear.

All in all had an exciting day, although I got changed 5 times today.

Well it’s getting late and we got an early day with lots of excitement planned?
So good night
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