I Died but Then I Was Reborn!

I am Ambre Tremblay I was a life long atheist but now I am a Christian!

Finding Jesus has changed me both physically and mentally. If I am completely honest with myself I can say it even saved my life.

I lost hope in everything, even myself. I became depressed and on occasion I got to the point considering ending everything.

My grandma almost died in December of 2016 from a heart attack. I found myself preying for the first time in my life I didn’t really know who I was talking to or even if I was talking to anyone.

My grandma was on life support for a lot longer then people do when their heart stops working. There was a storm that grounded planes preventing them from getting off the ground. Doctors gave till the morning to see if the storm passes before taking away the life support. the storm cleared and they were able to go.

I preyed again this time saying if she survives this I will spend as much time I can with her. When my mom landed in Winnipeg she was told the my grandmother woke up and was communicating even writing.

This was a medical miracle. At this point I thought maybe there is something more out there! A couple of more things happend within that year.

I got to spent 9 months with my grandma which caused me to move from North Bay, Ontario to Brandon, Manitoba.

And met someone who brought me to Cities Church here in Brandon. I felt welcomed for the first time in a community and I wanted to get involved right away.

I joined the kids ministry and I am proud to say I took the plung on June 24th 2018 and got baptized. My sins were barried with the old me and I resurfaced as a new person. I look the same on the outside but I definitely do not feel the same in the inside.

Good morning everyone! It’s Ambre here 😊

Hello, I’m Ambre Tremblay and I am proud to say that I am a Miss World Canada delegate from Manitoba. I am excited to compete with 50 other lovely,  wonderful women for the honour to represent Canada at an international level pageant.

I have lived through depression for a few years of my life and I have gotten other’s to share their stories by sharing my own. I felt alone and afraid to speak up then. I wanna show others that they aren’t alone. Please share a story on any social media outlet and use #lowestpointoflife. I would like others to receive the  help they need but also to see the stories of overcoming the hard times!

Sucide is glorified in media! We need more survivors or overcomers stories to be out there!